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Hassle-free luxury living.

Where luxury home staging meets seamless furniture rental, turnkey living ensures a smooth transition into your new space. Our comprehensive service provides move-in ready environments that encompass everything from furniture to kitchenware, linens, and accessories.

With access to our extensive designer inventory, our expert team handles everything from start to finish, alleviating the stress of furnishing and decorating. Whether you’re moving into a chic apartment or a spacious home, we deliver impeccably designed living spaces at a moment’s notice.

How We Work



The turnkey living process begins with a personalized design consultation aimed at understanding your unique preferences and lifestyle. From there, we craft a customized proposal designed to meet your needs and requirements.



Once you’ve approved the proposal, installation is scheduled, and our process moves swiftly into action. Our dedicated team of professionals secures custom furnishings and decor tailored to your project.



Enjoy peace of mind as our team fully installs each room, arranging furniture, accessories, and hanging artwork. You can rest easy knowing that your space will be both beautiful and functional from day one.

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